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Vegetal, solar energy collecting tunnel system

Future Cities should be attractive and have an increased livability. But how can we achieve this goal? In our studyweek in Amsterdam we split in different groups and tried to sketch how we imagine the future cities. I focused on how streets can be safer and more attractive to pedestrians and bicyclists. In the past, streets were built for cars but maybe in the future there will be less cars and therefore we need to change our thinking. As today in Amsterdam there are already 10 times more bicycles than cars on the street. As already described in my research I focused on Alexanderplein. My idea was the following:

not only would this vegetale tunnel be an eye-catcher, but also generate energy, use advanced technology and be attractive and safe for pedestrians and bicyclists.
Here you see some more visualisations of my project:

Birdsview – Roundabouts connected by vegetal tunnel

vegetal tunnel over the bridge with chain of lights

Connection from tunnel to roundabout with overhead platform for pedestrians

Display simulation in tunnel

wide alleys for pedestrians aside the tunnel with trees and benches18

idea for saving energy


Flatternde Linien

In der ersten Vorlesung haben wir gelernt, wie man Linien flattern lassen, und ihnen somit mehr Ausdruck geben kann. Steckengerade Linien sind langweilig, krakelige Linien haben Charakter.

Hier mal zwei Beispiele anhand meiner Hand

ET’s Zeigefinger

Indem man Sekundenzeigerangaben benutzt, kann man ganz einfach die Richtung bestimmen



Übung macht den Meister – hoffentlich auch beim Flattern