[House of Bastards]

I was asked to do a print version of last semesters characters for sketch and draw. So I had to rework all characters to have a file big enough for print. I cropped it up in Procreate and added 2 characters.

“House of Bastards” Originalsize A3

Also for this digital drawing I used handmade sketches as a base.

In Mental Canvas the image really came to life.


A friend asked my to sketch a tattoo for her. It turned out that hand sketching still feels most “me”. Although I think the more time I sketch digitally, the more I can see what is “my style” there.

Going forwards and backwards with digital and hand sketching ✍️

To add a story I tried to draw around the crystal in Procreate.

To make it come to life, I also added depths to this image in Mental Canvas.

[What Hunters Know About Rabbits]

To learn about the local animals I drew some sketches to help me visualize and save the information in my brain.

This is the export of the drawingprocess in Procreate.

I used my hand sketches as a reference in procreate.
To get more used to the program I added shadows and depth as well as some layer and filter effects.

This is a direct export from Mental Canvas. You can still see the logo as I’m using the free version of Mental Canvas.