Rotterdam – The ideas to make Dakepark to an even better place

After analysing the park the first time, I thought about sollar pannels and some other ordinary ideas like making a composting area which produces soil for the plants on the roof.

But after analysing the park the second time I realised how rare places like this are in this big city. It is high enough to get out of the emissions and the most noise. It should only apply to the benefit of the citizen and be a place to recover.

And then I got the idea: As we know the multiresistant microbes are a growing problem. And even more in cities because there is a higher risk of infection.
Plus: I’ve read, that allergys are more common in cities.
That means, that their immune systeme is sensitive?
And what is difference from the city youth to my dirty woody youth?

I worked out some ideas about how to optimize the output of the park for the citizen. It should be a chance to relax and at the same time energize the immune system.
More places to feel confident and get in touch with the wild nature.
Or can I say: Bring the healthy dirt and natural microbes back to prevent from the worst?


Here are my  sketches:

Here you get the pdf final result poster and the video!

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