Camouflage Workshop – Final

The Vernissage is over. The Price of my little Jar stayed a 5.- Fr. Nobody wanted the data nor cared enough to overbid our tutor so he dosen’s get it.

But I was able to gather more data of my classmates. I was surprised how open some of them where. They’ve let me check their phones, pictures, chats, contacts. Certainly because they know me. When a stranger would ask to see their phone i think the reaction would be different.

Anyhow here are my notes: They are in german and quickly taken. Apologies for my grammer…

Live Data

- Benjamin Baumann hat kein Problem wenn seine öffentlichen Daten versteigert werden

- Rahel will Nummer und Name nicht verkaufen. Der Rest ist ok… möchte aber wissen was mit den Daten passiert.

- Rahel hat in letzter Zeit selfies gemacht.

- Julia meint man sollte noch alle Namen hinzufügen. Sonst weiss man ja nicht wem man schreibt.

- Julia hat heruntergeladen. Weil sie im Sommer einen Job will.

- Julia hat etwa 32 App

- Ich darf ihr Handy angucken

- Sie will nicht ihre selfies nicht zeigen weil sie peinlich sind. Sie will nicht selbstverliebt wirken.

- Anna ist egal welche Daten man gibt.

- Anna sagt sie hatte mit 20 schon vier Operationen.

- Julia braucht am meisten Instragam. Sie holt sich Insertionen von dort. Fast jeden Tag ein bild hochladen.Foto account. Nicht privat.

- Julia will sagen, dass sie ca 50 fr pro monat für onlineshopping ausgibt.

- Sara hat Pinterest heruntergeladen. Hat aber wenig speicher und kann kaum neue Apps herunterladen.

- Sara möchte Pinterest auch Mobil nutzen

- Sara braucht whatsapp am meisten.

- Sara hat etwa 20 apps

- Sara gibt mir ihr handy zum angucken

-ich darf fotos von sara angucken

- ich darf whatsapp chats lesen

- ich darf weder fotos noch whatsappchats an mich weiterleiten

- 30 Apps auf dem Handy von Tabea

- Tabea braucht am meisten Whatsapp.

- Tabea holt ihr handy damit ich es angucken kann.

- Fabian sagt nichts auf meine fragen

- Fabian hat einen code.

- Ich hätte fabians email lesen können.

- 4bilder ein Wort hat claudia abeglade

- Period tracker claudia

- 39 apps hat claudia

- claudia gibt mir ihr ihr Handy nicht.

- tabea hat keinen code

- fotos und whatsapp darf ich gucken aber nicht sharen

- 30 apps (headmaster)

- national railway because he travels (headmaster)


Camouflage Workshop – Day five

Today is the day of the presentation.

I observed two of my classmates and took notes of them. I also searched the internet of further informations. It shouldn’t be to easy to recognise them through my notes. I left names and addresses out.

I also have a bunch of phone numbers.

The presentation should be an experiment. See what people are comfortable with. With what datasets they are okay with.

For example: If a whole set of data about you is stored. What you like, where you went on holiday and what music you hear. an you live with that. What if it excluded you personal information like your name? Do you think you stay anonymous that way?

I would like to know the tipping point where people are no longer comfortable with the data of themselves.

What I have today is simply a prototype. Just to help me finding the right questions. After today i should what data i should add for a next experiment.

Datei_000 (1)

Camouflage Workshop – Day four

So I thought of ways to break my idea down. Make it clearer.

What did I want do communicate?

I want people to see what facebook is doing. Using our data that we give them to gain more profit out of personalised ads.

But how do I show that? The problem with this system is, that it’s completley digital. They aren’t trading with physical objects but with data. And how does Data look?

So i want to visualise the process. Maybe a labeled Honeyjar where I put diffrent informations inside. The label can differ. It could be phone number, addresses or everything about one person. The more Information is inside the more valuable it gets.

Now i have to find a jar and some information…


Camouflage Workshop – Day three

Today i sketched ideas. How could the hive or honeycomb look like?
19.10.2016_17-01-51_frankenicola_10.0.160.75 19.10.2016_17-01-51_frankenicola_10.0.160.752

In a talk with a tutor it became clear, that the picture leaves to much space for misinterpretation. I should break it down. Make my idea smaller.

I don’t know yet how i should do that. The real image is pretty abstract and to find a good way to visualise this is tricky.
I’ll try to find an other way but will still pursue the honeycomb idea. Just so it’s sure that i’ll have something to present on friday.

Carmouflage Workshop – Day one.five

Update 1.5

So i wasn’t really satisfied with my progress yesterday. I went through some other ideas on my way and at home. And i got something.

I was thinking about the hive minds and facebook as a hive mind. How could i visualise that? Why not in form of a beehive?

So i got the idea of an image of honey-farm. The hives are the services, given to us. Facebook, google etc. We are the bees and the honey we produce is our data.

With that i could try to enhance my photoshop skills and create a semi-realistic image. The beehives should be logos of known internet services.

But first let’s start sketching…

Carmouflage Workshop – Day one

Today i listend to a podcast that was suggested to me.  The topics in there are very interesting and i’m trying to extract the right question for my project.

I would like to work on an idea of a “hive mind” or “collective intelligence”. You can find those in todays society. Facebook is some sort of hive. But are we using the hive or is the hive using us?

How i could put this in a visual product, i don’t know yet.

Idea Camouflage Workshop: Third Stage

Brain chips aren’t just Science Fiction anymore. There are already small Computers implanted under the skin that can read Mindwaves. Some of them at least.

This is used for good things. For example paralyzed people. These Brainwaves can be translated into language that muscles understand. Basic Movement of arms and legs are possible with that.

In a few years it could even be possible to provide senory feedback. They could feel, walk run and have full body control.

But imagine a malfunction. Something goes wrong. You loose control over your body and do things you don’t want to do. Hacker could enter your body!

Of course this sounds more like a horror story but I think it’s a topic to think about before we start controlling Body with computers.

Especially because probably there will be a lot of people who’ll want a chip in their head. It could help remembering stuff. In comparison to a computer memory a brains memory is quite unorganized. But maybe for a good reason. We have memories that cause us trauma. We have memories that make us guilty. We have memories that if we were flooded with them, might keep us from being able to act in the present, and to enjoy the present. So, it’s not clear how humans with ‘total recall’ would function.

For my part, I think that we live in a very exiting Time and our future might get even better. But Consequences will come nonetheless. What I want to do is to raise awareness. Maybe in the form of visually attractive Posters or symbolic gifs.

The goal shouldn’t be to stop this development but to shift it in the right direction.Datei_000 copy